Community guidelines


ONSTAGE. PRO is a platform that bridges industry technologies and services for entertainment professionals around the world to give them a tool to share ideas, knowledge and experience online.

We have designed an efficient platform for event industry professionals, event planning companies, industry media, retailers, contractors, distributors, educational organizations, manufacturers, venues, musicians and promoters working in global entertainment technology to network and exchange information.

We give you the opportunity to exchange meaningful and genuine interactions, such as sharing ideas and expertise, commenting and voting, subscribing and following users, communities and companies you enjoy, participating in talks and forums.

Because we would like to welcome our members to an open and secure online space, we created these Community Guidelines. By using ONSTAGE.PRO you agree to these Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Our mission

Our mission is to increase the level of professional standards within the entertainment technology industry on a global scale. We do this by building a safe and welcoming community, which you can use to develop new connections, start professionals relationships and access industry information.

Use of content

We encourage you to share ONSTAGE.PRO’S posts, texts, articles, comments, images, videos externally, provided that you cite our Site’s link. Note that this a mandatory condition the breach of which will result in the infringement of the Site’s copyright and Terms of Use.

We want to promote your active participation in our platform and want to be useful for everyone concerned in the industry life and comprehensive communication. However, in doing so, please make sure you do not infringe intellectual property rights and post only appropriate Content, which cannot be deemed as abusive, offensive, threatening, harassing, libelous, defamatory, obscene or pornographic.

Unlawful behaviour

Please respect the law. ONSTAGE.PRO is strongly against any criminal or other unlawful activity, such as incitement of ethnic sexual, gender, religious hatred or support of terrorism or organized crime.

Malicious behaviour

Any exploitive, disrespectful, aggressive, racist, sexist, or otherwise abusive comments, replies or any other forms of communication are prohibited on ONSTAGE.PRO.

Fraud and misrepresentation

Do not do anything that may lead to confusion between you or your company and any other person or company.

Do not misrepresent or impersonate.

Do not make knowingly fraudulent statements.

Do not present other users’ or any other people’s achievements as your personal ones or overestimate your role in production of something.

Do not use other users’ or any other people’s trademarks without permission.


Help us stay a SPAM-free platform. It is in our mutual interest to keep the platform clean, as our reputation depends on it. That’s why you may only use ONSTAGE.PRO to send emails or private messages to people and entities with content that cannot be deemed as SPAM by the recipients.

Breach of confidentiality

ONSTAGE.PRO strictly prohibits using the Site and the Services to receive personal information by fraud and/or misrepresentation. Do not post any content that violates anyone’s privacy, such as private and confidential data including but not limited to personal details, credit card numbers, private phone numbers and addresses.