Expand your circle within the entertainment technology industry

Our mission: to connect professionals in the entertainment technology industry to ease communication

We have built a platform to remove barriers between industry professionals.

As professionals within this industry ourselves, we set out to bring together the expertise and knowledge of like-minded individuals worldwide, creating both a resource for specialists to find work and share experience, and a place where contractors and clients can find good professionals.

What is Onstage.pro?

A comprehensive network for entertainment technology professionals.

• Sound engineers • System engineers • Lighting designers • Set designers • Decoration designers • Event planners • Specialised media • Retailers • Contractors • Systems integrators • Distributors • Educational organizations • Manufacturers • Rental companies • Venues • Recording studios • Film & TV Production studios • Broadcasters • Musicians • Promoters

Discover entertainment technology professionals

Do you need to find a sound engineer or lighting designer and don’t know where to look? Would you like to communicate with these professionals directly? Would you like to see ratings and view what projects and events a professional has worked on before?

Our platform lets you:

  • Create your company profile
  • Promote your products
  • Directly access professionals worldwide
  • Share ideas and increase creativity among industry professionals worldwide
  • View independent and reliable

Connect and be found

Are you an event technology specialist? Would you like to increase your online presence to attract new clients? Would you like to connect with professionals worldwide? Would you like to promote cutting-edge technology to those who use it?

Our platform lets you:

  • Create your own portfolio
  • Be discovered by those you need you the most
  • Post your latest projects
  • Increase your rating
  • Share knowledge and inspiration
  • Participate in forums
  • Comment and vote ratings
  • Fully and comprehensively search specialists and event companies
  • Get quick feedback and efficient communication
  • Comment and vote
  • Look no further and sign up now!

What our users say

«This is such a useful way to connect with other freelancers like myself who sometimes need to bounce ideas off someone who understands the industry. I find it more useful than other online networks because it’s directly connected to my industry.»

— Mike, Sound Engineer, Manchester, UK

«My company often hires freelancers when we put on events. It’s often hard to know who to choose, and we’re sometimes stuck if the guys we often use are unavailable. The rating system means we can choose a highly-qualified and experienced engineer, without worrying about their professionalism.»

— Kate, Project Manager in the Events Industry, London